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 Photo courtesy of Little Miss Creative

Photo courtesy of Little Miss Creative

Hi there, thanks for visiting Mary Frances Flowers!

I'm Mary Frances (duh). I'm the brains, fire, and spirit behind the brand Mary Frances Flowers. I'm embarrassingly obsessed with my dog, Porter, and equally obsessed with a damn good porter or stout beer (and tacos, yum). My closet is filled with whites, navys, and blacks (this red plaid shirt is the ONLY red shirt I own. And it's in my closet because it's the softest thing I've ever felt in my life - besides Porter). My idea of relaxing is strolling through a really good antique furniture store with a Coke icee or scoop of chocolate ice cream (or just sitting on my couch watching HGTV with a puzzle and glass of red wine - tomatoe/tomato, am I right?) I'll take a bagel over a doughnut anyday, and I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad pizza. Traveling and exploring new towns is one of my favorite things to do, but nothing makes me happier than sitting in my parents' den surrounded by all of my favorite people - my family, both chosen and God-given. I grew up in a semi-small town in Georgia, but have lived in the bustling cities of Milan, Italy, New York City, and (small but mighty) Asheville, NC, and I now call Raleigh, North Carolina, home.

Making tangible things with my hands, big or small, has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I think the first thing I ever "made" was done out of laziness at the ripe age of 8 - a rolling laundry basket. You can read all about that here. (Also, forgive the terrible graphics - first go at the blog was a bit rough.) Years went on, and after selling handmade plastic pocketbooks at basketball games in middle school and then glued together earrings in college to friends, I found a true love for entrepreneurialism and felt the joy of others enjoying my designs as much as I enjoyed making them.

That joy, coupled with key advisors and mentors, sparked a desire to really just go for it with this brand. I had found something that gave me fulfillment and purpose, and I knew deep within me that I was put on this earth to share my creative talents with all of you. So, everyday I'm learning something new about myself and this business. It's a journey, one that twists and curves in completely unexpected but thrilling ways, and I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else but you. I love that you're here, and I'm excited to share with you some of my absolute favorite things. For jewelry styling advice, musings, travel recaps, and more, check out the blog.