Custom Morse Code Fin Climbers - Silver

Custom Morse Code Fin Climbers - Silver

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Morse Code Climbers are HERE!

Finally, there's a way to customize your earrings in the most clever and subtle way possible - morse code! Each climber is approximately 1" long in a fin shape. Order one for a trendy look or a pair for everyday ease.

The best part about earring climbers is the one-and-done mentality. With other earrings, you need backs to keep the earrings in place and ensure they won't fall off. Not with climbers! Slide these babies into your ear as you would a drop style and then rotate and tighten them against the lobe, slanting towards the inner ear. No backs necessary to keep them in place - don't we all need just one less thing to keep track of?!

Our customizable Morse Code Fin Climbers can be customized with one, sometimes two, letters and only one number in morse code. Have a favorite number or want a fun way to wear your initial? MC Climbers are it.

Hand carved in our NC studio and then cast in sterling silver

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All pieces in our Custom Morse Code Collection are made to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your piece to arrive at your door.