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Why do I need to place a special order? Sometimes we only have a limited quantity of each item in stock at a time. If you're needing more pieces than we have available on the site, we're always happy to place a special bulk order for you, at no additional charge to you!

Or, ugh, we're sold out of your favorite piece. We hate that! Unfortunately, it happens. BUT, we've got a solution! We are more than happy to special order that favorite piece and have it on its way to you as soon as we can, at no extra charge to you!

Simply fill out the form below, look for an invoice in your inbox, and your favorite new jewelry piece will be at your door before you know it!

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*Please note, the above form does not guarantee that a special order can be made. The form merely acts as an inquiry. Most times, we'll be able to comply with your request, no problem. However, there are instances where an item is out of stock simply because it does not exist anymore. Please understand we will do our best to comply with every special order request. You will be notified immediately if your special order cannot be fulfilled.