Friday Finds: Support Small Businesses

One thing you should know about me, if you don't know it already, is that I absolutely love finding niche artists, makers, doers, designers, creatives, you name it. Ask me my list of talented people that I've found and archived over the years and get ready to stand there for a while as I rattle off my current favorites. You got a tiny glimpse of my obsession when I wrote about Evelyn Henson, but really, y'all, the list is a mile long and my business card box is overflowing. So since Small Business Saturday is tomorrow so I thought I'd curate a list of some of my favorite small businesses, all available online, so you can support the little guys this holiday season and maybe find your new favorite talent too! 

FYI: This is about to be the longest blog post I've ever written. I've split the creatives into categories for easy viewing and included all the links you could ever need for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy!


Mary Frances




Teil's beach scenes, nudes, and animals in eye-catching color palettes are beyond dreamy. She might be the biggest name on my list, but I can't help but mention one of my favorite hometown artists (she's from Columbus, GA)! I'm so thrilled she's expanded into pouches and stationary, too! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Alexis Walter

Ahh the abstract subjects and subdued colors of Alexis Walter's work are just mesmerizing. This New Orleans, LA, based artist isn't afraid to throw in some cajun spiciness in her art, and it's so inspiring. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Kate, also from Columbus, paints gorgeous flower arrangements and owns Gallery on Broad in Charleston, SC--what a badass #girlboss! I love how she uses layers on layers of thick, luscious oils in her art. Follow Kate on Facebook and Instagram.



Cheyann Benedict

From bold colors and silhouettes to simple, lounge-worthy basics, this LA based designer has it all. Cheyann Benedict even curates vintage pieces! I found her at one of my favorite shops at the beach, Alys Shoppe, and I fell in love with her flowy, gorgeous caftans. Follow Cheyann on Facebook and Instagram.


Gorgeously constructed staples in silky soft fabrics and available in only the best neutrals? I'll take 3 of everything! CCH Collection has been churning out timeless classics for a while now, and I'm dying to get my hands on that navy robe. Sisters Carter Johnston and Alston Armfield design and head up the sales, respectively, of CCH Collection in New York City. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Eeek! All pieces are from her SS15 collection! Dying for the black and white prints pants + white peplum top...

Eeek! All pieces are from her SS15 collection! Dying for the black and white prints pants + white peplum top...


Lindsay Carter, founder and designer of Troubadour, is a woman after my own heart! She began her career with Madewell 1937 in NYC before moving back to her roots in the South, settling in Charleston, SC. She credits every collection's inspiration to three things: the South, the City, and the Sea. I said woman after my own heart, right?! Follow Troubadour on Facebook and Instagram.



Feel handcrafts each individual element in their bags (with the exception of the zipper): from the sourcing finest leather to forming the metal accessories that adorn the bags, Feel has a hand in every step. Their eco-conscious approach and personal touch make this one of my favorite Asheville finds. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Savannah Moss Eyewear

Who doesn't love floatable sunglasses?? Allison Thomas' adoration for her alma mater's town, Savannah, GA, and its stunningly beautiful mossy trees brought the two concepts together to form her eyewear collection, Savannah Moss. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Brackish Bow Ties

Recently seen in the oval office (um, what?!), Brackish Bow Ties was founded by two Wofford graduates (!!!), Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner, whilst on the hunt for perfect yet unique groomsmen gifts. Enter: Brackish Bow Ties, handcrafted feather bow ties made in Charleston, SC. Love it. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


(Jewelry friends gotta support other jewelry friends, am I right?!)


Bent By Courtney

Courtney Akers (also from Columbus, GA!), founder of Bent by Courtney, creates boho inspired goodness. Seriously, she's got an eye for colors and shapes, and I'm all about those tassels. Follow Courtney on Facebook and Instagram.

Lat & Lo

As much as I hate to admit it, I am so embarrassingly sentimental. Lat & Lo was made for me, literally and figuratively. Lat and Lo is centered around the phrase "Where are you anchored?" creating custom engraved coordinate jewelry representing a special place. Favorite travel spot? Where you got engaged? Engrave the coordinates on a piece of jewelry and give the perfect gift! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Mignonne Gavigan

Looking for something truly unique? Mignonne Gavigan designs stunning scarf necklaces, intricately detailed with sewn beads and feathers. I'm drooling over the Blake in baby blue. Follow Mignonne on Facebook and Instagram.


For the Home.jpg

SKT Ceramics

One of my favorite NYC finds while living in the city was SKT Ceramics at the Brooklyn Flea Market. I snatched up a sparrow ornament last year for Christmas for my sister, but I'm still eyeing the penguin mug. Maybe someone will get it for me this year... Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Southern Straws

Okay technically, these are a perishable find. But damn, yall, they. are. good. And I'm not just saying that because I happen to be related to Margaret and Neal Amos, the makers of the deliciousness that is Southern Straws cheese straws, a cheedary wafer that melts in your mouth. They're so good, in fact, that I even got my mom to send me a box while I was studying in Milan because I missed them so much. Time for a try? I think so. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Times Two Design

I found Times Two Design while on a research/sourcing trip to High Point, NC earlier this Fall and was immediately drawn in by their bold colors and clean yet organic lines. Lauren Renfrow's love of rocks  and nature have inspired her artistic endeavors in brightening up anyone's home. Follow Times Two Design on Facebook and Instagram.



You learned a little about WritefullyHis with my post on Grace Wallace a few weeks ago. With each stationary set sold, WritefullyHis gives 20% of the proceeds back to children in Africa for school supplies, sustaining both the local economy and the local school systems. They're also doing so many other things through the WritefullyHis Foundation, WritefullyKids, and their Christmas Campaign. Follow WritefullyHis on Facebook and Instagram.

Umano Clothing

I discovered Umano just a few weeks ago during a trunk show in Winston Salem. After reading the Toms story this summer, I've become fascinated with the one for one "for-purpose" way of giving. Brothers Jonathan and Alex Torrey, founders of Umano, met Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, and discussed their business idea. Freakishly soft t-shirts, pockets designed by the children who are benefitting from the shirt sales, and a backpack of school supplies that goes towards empowering kids in Athens, GA, and worldwide, are all key components in that plan. Sounds like a pretty fantastic business model, eh? Follow Umano on Facebook and Instagram.

Dot Products

You also learned a little about Dot Products with my post on founder Hallie Darphin. Dot gives a 1/2 day of school to a child with each product sold, whether that be their journals, notebooks, or pencil sets. This holiday season, you can also purchase a Mary Frances Flowers Sticks Cuff, Honeycomb Necklace, or Cut Out Studs, and 25% of the profits from your sale will go towards sending 7 year old Tumaini to school in his native Tanzania. Follow Dot on Facebook and Instagram.


**All photos have been taken from creatives' websites, Facebook, or Instagram pages and linked to its origin, if possible.