Woman Crush Wednesday: Hallie Darphin + Dot Products

I love stories like this: Hallie and I met over 6 six years ago while both working at Windy Gap Young Life Camp in North Carolina. I swear the Young Life world is so small, and it's wonderful! We were both on the housekeeping crew. I did laundry and sat around for much of the day (these were assigned jobs--I swear I did not get to choose), and Hallie did actual housekeeping in the campers' cabins, which entailed cleaning up after people who often left fairly disgusting messes. As much as I know it stunk doing that, Hallie was always such a champ, and I'm grateful for the times when our jobs overlapped and we got to spend time together. I hate saying this but, Hallie, I think I got the better end of the deal on that one! :) After that summer, Hallie and I went to our separate colleges and sadly, lost touch after work crew ended. HOWEVER, good things come with time, and a few months ago we decide that it was way past time for us to become friends again!! I honestly can't remember who initiated the conversation, but I am so thrilled that we have reconnected. Hallie is passionate, thoughtful, and so trusting in the Lord's plan (something we all, *cough* *cough* me, could use). 

 Guys, let's be real. Those faces?!? Hallie and I were meant to be friends...

Guys, let's be real. Those faces?!? Hallie and I were meant to be friends...

Hallie started her company, Dot, somewhere towards the end of college with the "smartest people she knows" surrounding her and guiding her. Dot sells school supplies (binders, pencils, and notebooks), and from each product sold, half a day in school is given to a child. Just recently, Hallie sent her 7th child to school for an entire year. As of June 2014, Dot supporters and customers have funded over 7.5 years of school!! Hallie partners with organizations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, and now, Tanzania. My absolute favorite thing on the Dot website is the line "Hallie's senior ambition in 2009 was to 'change a life on every continent.'" Gah, we need more thinkers and doers like Hallie on this Earth. #girlboss #schoolsupplieschanginglives

For the month of December, Mary Frances Flowers is partnering up with Dot. We want to make a difference over here at MFF, and we need your help to do it! Tumaini is a 7 year old little boy from Tanzania. His name means hope in Swahili. (Now, if that doesn't give you goosebumps then I don't know what will!) Tumaini desperately wants to go to school. His father is a carpenter but often times, there is no work for him where they live. His mother sells avocados when she can to help support Tumaini and his two brothers, his sister, and a cousin who lives with them because his mother passed away. Tumaini loves to draw; he's very bright and creative but has no educational outlet to guide him to the success and security he so deserves. This month, MFF is not only selling Dot products where, of course, with each product, Tumaini will receive a half a day of school paid for, but also, MFF is offering three exclusive items where 25% of the profits will also help fund Tumaini's schooling. We've chosen varying price points from $75-$398 so that everyone, at all levels, can help support Tumaini and his family. Please consider gifting a pair of Cut Out Studs, a Sticks Cuff, or a Honeycomb Necklace this holiday season, and let's give Tumaini a dream come true for Christmas this year!

Learn more about Hallie and her vision for Dot here (sign up for her email list to learn about the individual children she sponsors!), and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for all the up-to-date Dot happenings!

Happy Holidays friends! I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing Thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones.



Mary Frances