The Southern Foray

So I've been wanting to go on a cross-country road trip ever since I saw the movie Crossroads when I was 12. While that's probably an embarrassing thing to admit (that a cheesy movie inspired a life event), it's nonetheless been a dream of mine. I Had always imagined my two best friends and I would go on a trip such as this the moment we turned 16. Of course our sensible parents wouldn't allow it when we finally did turn 16. The summer after high school graduation was filled with preparing for college so no one could go then. The summer after college graduation, all of my friends had fancy jobs or were preparing for grad school so I couldn't convince anyone then either. Well, after 12 years of dreaming, I've finally convinced two awesome folks to join me! Though we're not going all the way cross-country (Cali, you're calling my name!), we are going to Texas, which I've never done before, so I'm pretty satisfied. Plus, there's always next year...

The Southern Foray is all a-go! We're a traveling trunk show tour with a mission. Here are the deets and be sure to follow our journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest @southernforay!

The Gals


You know Grace from my many mentionings of her. I'm in love with her stationery lines as well as the amazing person that she is. She's the PERFECT companion on a trip like this because I know she's just a stoked as I am!


I've also mentioned Hallie before as well! She has some serious energy that I know will be desperately needed on our late-night drives. I just love that we met over 6 years ago, haven't spoken since, and are now road tripping together! What a fun surprise life had in store for us :)

The Trip

This is not just a few trunk shows here and there, oh no. This trip is a full-forced, non-stop, helluva ride adventure that has taken on a life of its own. We're going to be exhausted, worn down, hangry, delirious.... all the feelings! But it's going to be an experience none of us will ever forget. We're getting to see some of my very favorite people along the way (oh hey Fairhope! ;)) as well as meet so many others. And that is one thing I truly love doing: meeting other people and hearing their stories. 

The itinerary is as such:

February 15th - Charlotte, NC
February 16th - Athens, GA
February 17th - Atlanta, GA
February 19th - Birmingham, AL
February 20th - Fairhope, AL
February 22nd - Ocean Springs, MS
February 23rd - Jackson, MS
February 24th - Covington, LA
February 25th - Baton Rouge, LA
February 26th - Houston, TX
February 27th - Dallas, TX
February 28th - Fayetteville, AR
March 3rd - Franklin, TN
March 4th - Knoxville, TN
March 5th - Greenville, SC

Phew, I'm exhausted just looking at it! Are we coming to your city? Please let us know! We're still waiting to finalize each city's location, so feel free to email with questions too!

The How and Why

So how are we funding this trip, you ask? Well, we need your help!! There's a number of donation levels on our website so pick one you feel most comfortable with and get ready for some awesome gifts in your mailbox! We're all about transparency at The Southern Foray so a general budget is at the top of a page as a guide. You'll know exactly where your money is going!

We're just three young female entrepreneurs looking to make an impact on the way we southerners shop. Our three small businesses all sell 100% American-made products, and we want to encourage our followers, show attendees, and friends to seek out their local artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs in their communities as well! We're all about empowering females, supporting entrepreneurs, and shopping small!

So, how will you get involved in The Southern Foray? Come to a show, donate online, or both?


Mary Frances