Sneak Peek: Men's Line

Friends, I cannot begin to express how excited I am for this newest venture - a MEN'S LINE! I've been talking about it on Instagram for over a year and doing custom men's goods for some time, but it's finally time for all the guys to have their moment in the sun.


Like I said on Instagram Monday, I've been working on these pieces for over a year. I've played with sizing, thickness, function, you name it. (There's a reason it's taken me so long to get these pieces perfect and ready for you.) Hobbs, my dad, and several guy friends have fallen victim to being my giuinea pigs. I've asked them countless questions and asked them to wear things they wouldn't typically wear before now (though, I have turned Hobbs into a tie bar wearer, and I must say, he looks damn good in it.) Whenever something wasn't right, I went back to the drawing board - did you know I've made about 8 money clip designs since I first started doing jewelry? I finally found one that works for the on-the-go man - one that is both beautiful and functional. I don't know about you, but I'd call that a win. 


Though small in number, these pieces are mighty in design. I'm not going to reveal all my cards just yet, though my pictures reveal ALOT bc I'm awful at secret-keeping, but I will give you some hints as to what to expect. The cast birch bark has been a favorite among my women's jewelry collections, so there's no doubt you'll find it in the men's line, as well. And don't worry, there's lots of room for customization. So next time you're wondering What would Dad want for Christmas this year? or My husband/boyfriend/significant other is so well-dressed. What could I possibly find that would fit his refined taste? Well, we've got ya covered - look no further than the Mary Frances Flowers Men's Line.

Check back tomorrow to each piece in the collection in all its glory! 

Mary Frances

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