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Yep, more gifs.

After last week’s post, I’ve had the weirdest sensation occur. In the past, I haven't always enjoyed writing blog posts. Okay, often, I’ve loathed them. Some I really didn’t mind, but some just felt so forced - so inauthentic. Know what I mean? I had topics all picked out, jewelry photographed, the words came pretty easily as I do enjoy writing, but the heart wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, I stand behind every post I’ve written. I would not have clicked publish if I didn’t (and by the way, I do have some unpublished posts in my drafts that I just didn’t feel were representative of my brand). But, after I wrote that post, it felt like a burden of always having to write the right blog post was lifted. Plus, I had an overwhelmingly positive response from it. People were craving that vulnerability, and it felt amazing to give it to them - to "show them my heart," as my sister put it.

"It's about the girl who wears the jewelry more than it is about the jewelry itself."

So now, after writing that post, it’s like I can’t stop writing (or thinking, for that matter). My brain is a constant stream of ideas for new posts - new ways to show different sides of this brand that I’ve created. These aren’t all necessarily jewelry related, but then again, this brand, the Mary Frances Flowers brand is a lifestyle brand. Meaning it’s more than just jewelry. It’s about the girl who wears the jewelry more than it is about the jewelry itself. Because if it weren’t for that girl, the jewelry would serve no purpose. I create jewelry to make people happy, to make them feel beautiful, and to commemorate important moments in someone’s life (See the Morse Code Collection). For me, I’m most happy when I’m with the ones I love, exploring something new - whether that’s across the globe or in my backyard. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this brand is about family. This brand is about travel and wander. This brand is about finding oneself.


When writing posts on Instagram, Facebook, or on the blog, I’ve often struggled with do I use the third person or speak like it’s me, talking to a friend? Due to the struggle, you often see me switch back and forth. Its awkward. There, I said it. It is SO awkward being a solo small business owner. I have very few people who I can bounce ideas off of, and then there’s that whole third or first person ordeal. But, I’ve had a realization lately. I’ve always felt so so weird saying “we” in posts, but then I remembered - we are a family. This community of people I talked about before, we’re a family. I once told you that I consider all of you readers, customers, and supporters of this business to be my family and friends, and I do. So, when I say “we” (We love this new jewelry piece, or we’re so excited about…), I’m talking about us - this community. So, I’m going to stop feeling weird about saying we. When there are situations where I genuinely have no idea how my community is feeling about something, I’ll use I, because well, I’ll be talking about my opinion. Such as in this particular blog post. 

 How I feel when decided between we and I

How I feel when decided between we and I

 The struggle is real.

The struggle is real.


Okay, back to the point of this post - my writing and this new sensation. Yall, I literally have conversations going on in my head at all times. Often, they are conversations that I want to have with you, through this blog. And lately, those conversations have gotten louder, longer, and to be frank, have finally caught my attention. It’s like they’ve been shouting at me to pay attention for a while, and it finally just hit me. When I emptied my heart out to y’all about how I’d been feeling lately, it opened this whole new space in my brain for new ideas. Anyone else have constant conversations going on in their head? Just me? Cool. Well, anyway. with that said, I’m committing to writing more real posts on here. They won’t all be about jewelry, though many of them still will be. But, they will be relevant to this brand. I’m going to dive deeper into who and what this brand is all about - what we read, where we eat, what we’re listening to, etc. Because this brand is all about you, about us - we are the savvy traveler who craves a night in surrounded by those she loves most. We're the hopeless romantic who treasures her grandmother’s vintage handbags, but also keeps up with the season’s trends because #blushforfall is the best yet. Hopefully I can keep my word count at bay (got those genes from my momma - our typical phone conversations last over an hour without skipping a dang beat).

So, savvy traveler - what kind of posts do you enjoy reading most?

As always, thanks for being part of my tribe,
Mary Frances


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