Porter's Holiday Gift Guide + Wishlist

Many of you know about my dog, Porter. He's pretty dang adorable, and absolutely loves working with me at the studio. (For real, he does his happy dance when I say the word "studio")

Well, P man has put together a Wish List of his favorite MFF pieces that you should get this year, as well as a Holiday Gift Guide for your furry friends (aka all his favorite toys, ever). Check it out.

Looking for gifts for your spoiled pup? Porter rounded up his favorites from across the web.

Kong Wubba (we call it the Octopus) - My sister gave him this when we first brought him home. Though it's missing a few tentacles, it is still one of Porter's favorite outdoor toys - no squeaks allowed in this small apartment.

Tuffy Mega ToysPorter can no longer have soft toys as he likes to eat them - whole. So, tuffy toys it is. Their "mega" toys are their most durable toys, with a tuffness rating of 10/10.

Pet LightP wears his almost all of the time. It comes in handy when he's roaming backyards late at night.

AntlerP has one everywhere he visits - my home, Hobbs' home, my studio, my parents home... It is his most favorite toy, and perfect for aggressive chewers.

Mountain Dog Adjustable Leash - These things are lifesavers when you actually need both of your hands but your dog is with you. I can't count how many times I've been stopped on the street and asked where we got his leash. We got ours from a local pet shop, but I found our exact leash on the Mountain Dog website here.

Orvis Dog Bed - We inherited an amazing memory foam dog bed from my sister's lab, but I'm kind of obsessed with this Orvis one. Maybe I can justify it for the studio? ;)

Happy Gifting,
Mary Frances