Daylight Savings Time... Lose an hour, gain some jewels?

It's finally feeling like SPRING!! I spent the day yesterday surrounded by friends, pups, and sunshine, and it was possibly one of my most favorite Saturdays of 2016 thus far. I'm definitely one of those people who's mood is majorly affected by the weather and temperature outside. With a high of 75 all last week, needless to way, my spirits were up - way up. Annnnddd with the new collection launching just ONE WEEK from tomorrow, I don't think I stopped smiling all week!

But, before we can dive into the new stuff, it's time for some Spring cleaning... Lose an hour, gain some new jewels, am I right?! ;) Save 20% off the Valentine's Collection through next Sunday - just use code SPRINGCLEANING at checkout! Happy Spring, my people!