The 5 Best Something Blues for Your Wedding


So before I begin, I should say, I am very aware that today is Thursday. However, as I was finishing up this post yesterday, my computer decided to freak out and lose almost all content on me. So, here we are, on a Thursday, discussing Wedding Wednesday, cue the violin...

I bet you thought I forgot about our Wedding Wednesday blog posts, didn't you? Well, my deepest apologies for being MIA the past few weeks (moving will do that to you - what month is it again?!). I promise to make it up to you with a detailed account of our Portland + Seattle trip on the blog tomorrow!

But in the meantime, let's talk about the blues - your wedding blues that is. I recently read my friend Mary Catherine's blog post about her wedding shoes, and it inspired me to share with you some of my favorite picks for incorporating that something blue into your big day - bonus, I pulled some of these favorites from Pinterest and my fave bloggers so we're rounding out the blues in a big way, not just jewelry (although that may be my favorite way). 

1. Jewelry

Obviously I had to start with the favorite (can you blame me? Just look at those earrings. ALL.THE.HEART.EYE.EMOJIS) I think my favorite, and honestly the best, thing about our After Midnight Earrings from the Fall Collection is that they can be paired with so many different styles and necklines. They’re elegant but not over the top so you can wear them to just a simple dinner party with friends, or on the biggest day of your life - i.e. your wedding. They look stunning with a high neck, wayy low v, or an understated sweetheart. I’m a less is more kinda gal (and I make statement jewelry - who knew?! Really, it’s all about proportion), so if I’m wearing these babies, I’ll most likely have a naked neck or at most, a very small simple necklace (like our Itty Bitty Blues Necklace).

2. A Secret Message

I saw this idea on Pinterest several years ago and thought it was sweet. Then, a friend of mine who had recently lost her father, put a quote that he had said to her over the years embroidered under the hem of her dress, and I just about lost it. What an incredible way to honor the man who loved you first.

3. Flowers

As evidence of the Nature Collection, I’m pretty into the rustic look. And, as evidence of the Fall Collection, I love a good blue. For a wedding, though, to combine these two loves, an unexpected pop of dusty blue in the bouquet might be the best and most subtle way to incorporate that something blue into your flowers. Think thistle, dusty miller, tweedia for accents or blue peonies or hydrangeas as focal points.

Another way to get blue into your flowers is to wrap the bouquet or boutonnieres in a blue ribbon. Go with a simple floral color palette like green and white so the blue really pops.

4. Shoes

Seriously in love with all of these picks - go bold or stay simple, just make sure your feet are comfortable!

5. Your Ring Box

I've been following The Mrs. Box for a while now, and they just keep coming out with colors I love. These blues are to die for.


And as always, MFF offers custom bridal jewelry - just ask!

Happy planning,
Mary Frances

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