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As you may know, the BF and I headed out west a few weeks ago for some exploration (and just little bit of R n R). The whole trip came about pretty organically - I don’t really remember us sitting down and saying, hey we should go to the PNW, it just kind of happened. Hobbs got a call in January asking him if he could go to Seattle for a week in August, and as it so happens my birthday was a few days after his trip ended so we figured, let’s do it. Let’s check that one more thing off our bucket list. One thing I have always been very grateful for within our relationship is the value that we both put on travel. We make traveling and learning about other parts of the world a priority, and I’m thankful to have a guy who’s just as spontaneous and willing to take risks as I am (though he does have a practical side to him as well, which is something I’m lacking just a bit…)

I learned something about myself on this trip - I am terrible at taking photos. Well, let me clarify. I’m not so awful at actually taking the photo (I’m not bad at that when I try), what I really struggle with is remembering to take photos. I’m always so caught up in the moment of what’s happening that I can’t ever remember to take my phone out. And don’t get me started on my camera. No complaining here as it’s very nice, it’s just bulky and I’m a less is more kinda gal when traveling so I don’t love lugging it around. Hobbs, on the other hand, is quite talented at photography (seriously, check out his Instagram) and has a much slimmer camera so I somehow seem to justify not taking pictures by thinking oh, I’ll just look at Hobbs’ pictures and that’ll be fine. While the whole not-taking-pictures-for-myself thing is pretty good when it comes to being present in the moment, it’s awful for times when I want to go back and share our trip with friends, like you! So, please, forgive me for not providing you with picture overload and enjoy the highlight reel below (ps most of these came from Hobbs' Instagram so sorry if you already follow him…)

 Toes in the Pacific!

Toes in the Pacific!

 OMG this juicy beer from  Holy Mountain  was SO GOOD

OMG this juicy beer from Holy Mountain was SO GOOD

Our first full day was spent at the breweries (naturally). I met Hobbs out there once his work week was over, and as luck would have it, some of his work pals had decided to stay through the weekend so we had quite a crew with us on Saturday. We hopped around from Fremont to Ballard to Capitol Hill neighborhoods, tasting the local brews within each. Thankfully, Hobbs captured some good shots. (I am useless, I swear.)

I now see why people speak so highly of Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I had always kind of thought it might be a little gimmicky given how much attention it receives, but it was actually pretty cool. I had some of the best macaroons and croissants I’ve ever had in my entire life at a shop nearby the market (no photos because those babies were gone in seconds, literally). Hobbs did catch some fish flingin’ and post-Pike Place, he got an awesome shot of what appeared to be a chemistry experiment (which I guess making coffee is?) at the Starbucks Roastery down the street. We ended the evening by watching the sunset at Gas Works Park - it offers a stunning view of the city, I highly recommend it!

We ventured a little off the mainland one day to explore Bainbridge Island. While there wasn’t much to see outside of the cute little shops and marinas (it really is quite an idyllic little town), we enjoyed walking around at a much slower pace that the hustle and bustle of Seattle. Also, I got some new boots so, ya know, score. 

YALL. Why don’t we take trains as a standard form of transportation in the South?! Our train from Seattle to Portland was so peaceful. We had free wifi, there was a food cart, I felt a little bit like I was on the way to Hogwarts - zero downside (besides kind of feeling like I was still moving once the train stopped at the final station). Anywho, Portland, oh Portland, you have a little piece of my heart. Everyone told me we’d fall in love with Portland and boy were they right. Our tiny house only perpetuated the love. Hobbs is a “if you’re gunna do it, do it right” kinda guy so when he saw a tiny house listed on Airbnb in Portland, all bets were off. We were staying there no matter what. Thank goodness it was available - and that they had chickens. We got 7 eggs in two days!

We are food people. We heard some podcast whilst riding around in the Seattle uber one day that said something along the lines of “When you go on vacation, everything is about food. It’s like hey, why don’t we go eat something and then after that we can go grab something to eat?” There has never been a more fitting saying than this. Our first stop once we were off the train was Grassa, a to die for pasta place. They turn the pasta right in front of you (see Instagram for video). And omg, it is so delicious. After we both finished our meals (probably 5 lbs of pasta each), we looked at each other and said “can we come back here tomorrow?” Of course, we followed up our pasta with donuts at Blue Star. I could live in that place. Cake donuts are my jam, and they are doing them right. Send me a dozen, would ya?

 Coastline in Pacific City, OR

Coastline in Pacific City, OR

 Would've been a great view of Mt. Hood if the clouds didn't settle

Would've been a great view of Mt. Hood if the clouds didn't settle

I think one of the reasons we loved Oregon so much is because we were able to see so much of it. In Seattle, we relied very heavily on Uber for transportation, but in Portland, we had rented a car so we were able to literally see Oregon from the mountains to the sea. We spent one day in Pacific City, OR, on the coast with our toes in the Pacific (a first for me!). And we spent the next hiking around Mt. Hood near Timberline Lodge.


Of course, I can’t recap this trip without mentioning our night at the Lion King! For my birthday evening, Hobbs got us tickets to see the traveling broadway musical, The Lion King, and it.was.amazing. If you ever have an opportunity to go, do it. I am seriously so spoiled by this man.

Well, there you have it. We ate and ate and ate our way through the Pacific Northwest. Met some cool people, saw some cool stuff, and ate some very delicious food. Thanks for having us, we can’t wait to come back.

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