All Ears: Listen & Wear It

I've always loved the notion that music transcends languages and finds a way to connect every single one of us on this earth. The idea that a song can bring you back to a particular time and place in your life or that a melody can match a mood is one of those amazing anomalies that I'm okay with not fully understanding, but can appreciate and enjoy. Now, I'm no music junkie (I might actually be the last person in the world who still listens to radio *gasp*), but I do enjoy putting together playlists to fit a mood. Making mix CD's has given me great joy for the past several years when a weekend road trip is on the agenda. Also, I've been totally inspired by Jess Graves's The Love List Newsletter highlighting what she's listening to lately.

So, if you're anything like me and smile when you hear a song that matches your current situation, listen up. I'm sharing some of my favorite Spotify playlists that I'm listening to right now (I just got Spotify premium this month; yeah, I know I'm late to the party...) as well as the ear candy I've been wearing while listening to them. After all, my jewelry is definitely affected by my mood, just as much as my music is.

Singing (*cough* Dancing) in the Shower Playlist

I'm a morning shower person, and nothing gets me excited for the day like some sing out loud pop music. Typically, if you're under 25, I'm dancing and singing along to your top hits in the shower. I'm also probably wearing some of my go-to studs from the Everyday Collection - silver, of course, because the gold-plated ones are best kept safely on the sink when shampoo and conditioner are involved.

Photoshoot Day Playlist

Photoshoot Day is one of my favorite days around here. Whether I'm prepping for a new collection, a new blog post, or just doing some photo updates on the site, there's always a lot of positive energy in the studio when I (or one of my favorite photographers) is prepping a photoshoot. So, the songs on the playlist are all high-energy pump up songs. They make me dance and smile and keep the studio loud and exciting. The jewels I'm wearing need to do just that, as well - they need to get me hyped up and excited. Lately, what's been making me feel that way are top-sellers from the FW16 Collection - Into the Blue.

Creative Juices Playlist

Whether I'm working on a new collection, editing photos, or just doing business work on the computer, sometimes I need calming but happy background music. I used to listen to Pandora a lot, but then I realized that sometimes it would interrupt my productivity. Once I'd listened to a station for an hour or so, the genre of music might start to change and my brain would switch from thinking about what I was working on to trying to find a new song. This type of break in productivity really ended up hurting what I was doing because I struggled to get back into my groove. So, I decided I needed to make my own playlist that enhanced rather than hindered productivity. For many, especially for me, nature has always proved a calming place to regroup and recharge and amp up the creative juices. So, when I'm trying to get those juices flowing, I toss on my favorite pieces from the Nature Collection (always, always a piece of birch), get out my colored pencils and sketchbook, and get to work.

Happy Dancing,
Mary Frances

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