National Puzzle Day: Solve the puzzle for a prize!


So I've been in love with puzzles and brain teasers for as long as I can remember. I used to make up word searches and crosswords for class projects in grade school - no joke. Also, every year for Christmas, my mom puts out a slew of brain teasers and puzzles or games on the center "free for all" table that we play with for the rest of the day (and that I sometimes get to take home - we're on a rotation basis as my brothers in law also happen to love brain teasers).

All that to say... did you know that today is National Puzzle Day?! Yes, apparently that's a thing. I'm digging it, per usual. I've been reminiscing on those elementary school days with my homemade crosswords, and I thought it would be fun to share a homemade crossword with yall that's all about the Mary Frances Flowers brand! All the answers can be found throughout the website so I hope yall will have fun exploring pages you might not have seen before.

 BONUS: when you complete the puzzle, the letters in the green boxes can be unscrambled to figure out a secret word and that word can be used as a promo code for 20% OFF any in-stock, full priced items (custom + sale excluded)! Just enter the word at checkout to redeem your discount. The code will be valid through Sunday night at midnight eastern, but order TODAY before noon to secure delivery for Easter. All purchases made before noon will be at the post office later this afternoon - games + jewelry, what could be better?

Follow the clues below to reveal your BIG prize - a 20% off promo code!



2   The Sticks Cuff was inspired by the childhood game of _______ sticks. (hint)
6   The Lab Cuff is also known as The ______. (hint)
7   The first cuff MFF ever made was the _____ Cuff. (hint)
8 The Skinny Web Cuff is also known as The ______. (hint)
10  Which Asheville restaurant serves dishes called One Foundation and Cool Runnings? (hint)
11   The Holiday Art Print Collection was made in collaboration with artist ________. (hint)
12  Where did MFF spend Thanksgiving 2016? (hint)


1   The original oyster used in the Oyster Necklace came from ______ Cafe in Seaside, FL. (hint)
3   You can get a Custom Morse Code Necklace in this shape. (hint)
4   What is MFF's dog's name? (hint)
5   What was MFF's #1 "Happy Thing" in January? (hint)
9   MFF recently moved to ______. (hint)

Unscramble the letters in green to reveal a secret code: _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(hint: it's happening this weekend!)

Okay, so each of the clues above includes a hint with a link that will take you to a place on the site where you can find the answer. OR, see how well you know the MFF brand and do it without the hints! Let me know in the comments below how many hints you needed to use ;) (And, please keep the final promo code out of the comments below - it'll only ruin the fun for everybody else, and nobody likes that)

Happy puzzling!
Mary Frances