Why I'm Creating a Brand Ambassador Program


I mentioned in last week's 5 Happy Things that I would be announcing one of the fun projects I've been working on this week. So here it is: I'm creating a Brand Ambassador Program! It's going to be more of a "family" structure than a formalized "brand ambassador program," and I'd love to share a little bit more about it with you (and encourage you to apply)!

First of all, I'm the kind of person who craves community and thrives in a collaborative environment. So, as you can imagine, being a solo entrepreneur doesn't really jive with my extroverted personality. Working with others to reach a common goal and chatting with friends to bounce ideas off one another is honestly like my love language. So while MFF is still small, I thought - how fun would it be to create a micro community within this larger brand? I've noticed that some of you love this brand so much that you've bought more than one piece (sometimes 3 or 4!! THANK YOU, btw). So, I'm thinking that that might mean that you love this brand just as much as I do. Why not use that shared love to bring us all together?

It's so interesting to look back on my life and notice the instances and experiences that have shaped who I am today. The pieces of my life that have influenced me in such a way that it's actually changed how I operate my day to day life in the present. Many of those experiences are centered around travel and living in cities I would have never pictured myself (Milan, Italy?! what the heck). Hence, this brand greatly values TRAVEL and exploration. Many of these life-defining moments have occurred within my relationships with my family, both chosen and God-given - also why FAMILY is a big value of ours. Some of these experiences are connected to the way I've related to those around me. Something I (as I'm pretty sure we all have) dealt with growing up was feeling excluded or out of place. I hated that feeling. I've always believed that there is a place for everyone at the table; there is enough for everyone (be that success or friendship). When I wasn't doing well in science class back in my school days, my mom reminded me, "We all have our own individual talents. No one person's talent is any better than the others because we all need each others'. The world could not function if we were all talented at the same thing." We're all gifted at different things, and if we weren't, well then the world would not go around. If everyone was good at the same thing and bad at the same things, the world would stop turning. Instead of tearing us apart, our differences actually make us stronger as a whole. So, one of the greatest values we promote at MFF is COMMUNITY.

This Brand Ambassador program is my way of celebrating that idea my mom taught me many years ago. Like I said before, I thrive from community. I saw this ambassador program as an opportunity to create, lead, and be a part of a community, a community working together towards a common goal - growing the MFF brand and sharing our love for it. 

One way we'll create this community is by having a private Facebook group for ambassadors to chat, share ideas, and learn from one another. While the initial purpose will be to grow the MFF brand, we'll also share our small and big wins together, both personal and professional, celebrating one another in areas outside the scope of the MFF ambassador position. My goal with this program is to create a true FAMILY experience, one of the basic beginning values I looked to when first starting this brand. 

Ambassadors will enjoy community with one another, as well as perks like discounted jewelry and free shipping - always. They'll be the first to know about sales, new products, and everything going on at MFF HQ. They'll be the ultimate insiders - the first people I go to when in need of feedback and insight. They'll have direct access to me 24/7 to share concerns, wins, and everything in between. If desired, our ambassadors can host pop up shops with friends and contribute to our online community through this blog. We'd love to hear from our ambassadors on their gift picks, travel recaps, city guides, and how they share their MFF. All we want from you as an ambassador is to continue doing what you already do - love and SHARE the MFF brand! Share MFF with your friends, coworkers, family, strangers on the street - share it with anyone and everyone - on social media and in person. We'll give you the tools you need (as well as maybe a few other fun SWAG pieces, duh), and we'll support you every step of the way so you can be successful. Because if one is successful, then we are ALL successful. (THAT'S community, folks :))

Think this sounds like a fun opportunity? Apply! We're going to limit the number of ambassadors at first as we get started, so don't delay in getting your application in. (It's really easy, I promise.) Want to learn more about the perks, duties, and bonus opportunities of being a part of the Mary Frances Flowers Family of Ambassadors? Shoot me an email. (I, for real, love hearing from yall.)

Here's to Community!
Mary Frances