You Get What You Pay For...

and with my jewelry, there's a unique quality customers don't mind spending a little extra on. Fine jewelry is available in a variation of prices. While several factors affect what consumers spend, quality drives the dollar sign. To better understand how MFF jewelry is priced, I like to educate my customers on the high quality nature of my creations. Let's start with the metals used.

All of my pieces are purely precious metals. Silver jewelry is made with sterling silver, 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy. Gold jewelry is composed with 14k gold plated over a sterling silver base, thick enough for the plating to remain intact for a substantial period of time. The decision to use 14k gold was based on the subtle, soft yellow hue it yields, resulting in a level of femininity that I personally love and reflects the brand.

I do service specific requests to plate thick enough to legally be considered vermeil or cast a product in solid gold. For special metal requests, please contact me here.

Ever wonder how jewelry is made? In my case, each collection begins in wax or natural form. Learn more about the MFF process.